Siobhan McCafferty

Siobhan McCafferty and Associates (SM REPS)  is a well known commercial director and post house representation firm, with business spanning the West Coast, Colorado, Texas, and the Midwest. The company has been in business for roughly 20 years, representing some of the best names in the industry.







Nikolai Giefer

Nikolai’s two biggest claims to fame are being babysat by Charlize Theron, and singing on the Red Hot Chili Peppers song “Aeroplane” as a kid – that’s what happens when you’re an LA native. Nikolai cut his teeth in live event production, but switched to advertising because he grew sick of catering to the needs of retired celebrities. He moonlights as a drummer, and has played in every kind of band, from flamenco to heavy metal. He's been repping alongside Siobhan McCafferty since 2013, and together they represent some of the industry's top directorial and post talent.